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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Apparent terrorism supporters and "arguable" anti-Semites of Canadian Arab Federation on the hook for Jason Kenney's costs in law suit

As reported on Eye on a Crazy Planet on December 24, and just now being noticed by the mainstream media, a Federal Court dismissed a request from the Canadian Arab Federation to review Former Immigration and Citizenship Citizenship Minister Jason Kenney's decision to de-fund the organization. The Court found it reasonable to conclude, as Kenney did, that the CAF appeared to support terrorism and was arguably anti-Semitic.

Among the factors upon which the Court made its decision were:

  • CAF's President Khaled Muammar distributed emails attacking Liberal MP Bob Rae because of his wife's involvement with the Jewish community;
  • The CAF honored the fanatical hatemonger Zafar Bangash, a shill for Iran's dictatorship who, when writing about the 9-11 terror attacks, was distinctly unsympathetic to the victims, and;
  • CAF Vice President, Ali Mallah, attended what in essence was a terrorists' convention in Cairo.

But there's more good news still in the decision from Mr. Justice Russel Zinn. The cretins at the Canadian Arab Federation are on the hook for the Minister of Immigration's costs, which could run into the hundreds of thousands.

The CAF has indicated it is planning an appeal, but has not made any other comment so far.

From the Federal Court's judgement


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