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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Boycott JetBlue! Jewish woman kicked off plane when Palestinian terror-supporter complains she was talking about Israel

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. —A woman is claiming anti-Semitism is to blame for her being thrown off a JetBlue flight leaving from Palm Beach International Airport this week.

She said she was on the phone with a friend talking about the violence in Israel and her concern for her daughter, who will be studying there next year.
She said the trouble on the plane began when she finished her call.
"A woman comes up to me and says to me 'I'm a Palestinian,' and she starts cursing at me. 'Zionist pig. This is just the beginning,'" Rosenberg said.


Dave Lippman said...

I know you won't post this because it contradicts your narrative but, oddly, Dr. Rosenberg left this out of the story:
"The initial internal report and final internal reports, both filed prior to the Palm Beach Post story, which I have been able to read in their entirely, and then verify, both squarely paint Dr. Rosenberg as the sole instigator of the events on board Flight 454. Furthermore both internal reports of the incident clearly lay out Dr. Rosenberg as the person who was in the midst of spewing hateful comments towards the Palestinian passenger in seat 9C, not vise versa.


The official internal report goes on to state that the flight attendant witnessed Dr. Rosenberg accuse the woman in 9C of being a “Palestinian murderer” and that “ her people are all murders and that they murder children,” while Dr. Rosenberg was attempting move through the cabin and position herself physically closer to the woman in Seat 9C.

Additional passengers on board Flight 454 continued to express concern for the their safety as Dr. Rosenberg continued to rant, even after being instructed by the flight attendant to cease her engagement with the woman in seat 9C, at which time the cabin crew requested a Complaint Resolution Official from the airline be contacted to board the aircraft, and Dr. Rosenberg was informed of FAM 2-13, G PROHIBITION OF DISCRIMINATION, G.1 Race, Creed, or Colour, which says ” JetBlue provides equal service to all passengers regardless of race,creed, or colour.”


Upon arrival of Jetblue’s Complaint Resolution Official the crew, including the Captain, needed to make a determination regarding regulation FAM 7-4, A.3.1 On The Ground, which lays out whether of not the removal of a passenger in necessary for the reasonable safety and comfort of other passengers.

As the Complaint Resolution Official began to speak directly with Dr. Rosenberg, she began to not only continue to verbally attack the woman in seat 9C, but openly imply that the woman had explosives in her bag and intended to blow up the aircraft in flight."


Richard K said...

Oh, I'm not afraid to post things that 'contradict my narrative' if people put their name to them.

However, the account on the blog you're quoting sounds very fishy. As one person who commented on it observed:

"You’ve made a terrible mistake. Your story picks up with the arrival of the flight attendant, but does not make mention of any of the words exchanged prior. I’m not saying I know what happened either. The reality is that Dr. Rosenberg claimed that many things were said by this Palestinian woman prior to the flight attendant’s intervention. The title of your article, and your assumption of [anti-Arab] racism are both unfounded and intellectually dishonest."

That seems like a reasonable observation. The doctor was on the phone talking to someone. Why did this Palestinian woman approach her and say those things to her? The account you're quoting sounds out of context and implausible without putting it into proper context, and JetBlue was irresponsible and reprehensible in their actions in this instance.