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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Satanic Passover Seder Where Munchausen Jews Will Pray For Israel's Destruction

With his facial tattoos, his deranged public ravings about the 9-11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center being an 'inside job' concocted by Jews and the US government, his bizarre conspiracy theories about Jewish and Masonic plots to control the world, his praise for Adolf Hitler, and his reference to the historical record of the Holocaust as "bullshit," anti-Israel activist Ken O'Keefe presents as a demented hatemonger. It would follow to reason that anyone with a functioning brain and a gram of integrity would keep at least a fully charged electric cattle prod's distance away from someone so toxic.

It is therefore no surprise that the fans of terrorism who run Toronto's radical left, hard-core anti-Israel bunker called Beit Zatoun would embrace a miscreant like O'Keefe.

What might be a little more surprising is that a group of Jews plan to have a traditional Passover meal, known as a Seder, in that very same hub which functions as a community center for admirers of Hitler and those who praise the murderers of innocent Jewish children as "martyrs."

Exodus tells the story of God's redemption of the Jews from slavery in Egypt and the commencement of their hard journey through the desert to The Promised Land of Israel. For millennia, Jews have remembered and celebrated that story through the Passover Seder at which the story of the Exodus is retold.

However, the collection of strange, wretched Jews who will be at Beit Zatoun's so-called "liberation seder" will not be celebrating the events which led to Israel's beginnings so much as they will be praying for the Jewish homeland's destruction.

These, of course, are not typical Jews. They are Munchausen Jews, whose attachment to Judaism is an attention-seeking posture to ingratiate themselves and gain adulation from the radical-left activist community in which they would otherwise be obscure plebeians. Like Munchausen Syndrome affects mentally ill people who feign physical sickness for attention, Munchausen Jews affect a sudden attachment to Jewish identity in order to get special notice. Under normal circumstances, their bond to and knowledge of Judaism is negligible or non-existent. But as anti-Israel "Jews," they serve a useful purpose to the extreme left, to provide propaganda cover for their Jew-hate. It's a preposterous facade, as Munchausen Jews will lend themselves out to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with genocidal antisemites like supporters of Iran's depraved Mullahs who seek to exterminate Israel.

The presence of Munchausen Jews among them doesn't make the anti-Israel far-left any less antisemitic than it did the Nazis by employing Jewish capos, collaborators in the death camps. On a moral plain, Munchausen Jews are worse than capos, since the latter collaborated with fascist murderers so that they could survive. Whereas Munchausen Jews will collaborate with anti-Israel and antisemitic fascists as a matter of ego, to boost their standing within their activist community.

Munchausen Jews have their own groups, with names like Independent Jewish Voices, The International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, and the Monty Pythonesque-sounding United Jewish Peoples Order. Indeed, as an effort to create the false illusion that anti-Israel extremism is not merely a fringe within the Jewish community, they routinely form new groups with new names.  Although a cursory look will tell you that for the most part, these groups share the same members. In fact, there may be more Munchausen Jewish organizations than there are Munchausen Jews.

Some of these Munchausen Jews are Jewish antisemties who rail against the "Jewish Lobby." Some make prima facie, deranged, Nazi-like statements, such as that Jews supported former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper so they can maintain their place in the "racial order."

These people are as representative of typical Jews as much as the Manson Family was representative of typical Californians.

Anyone familiar with the tenets of Judaism and the Bible are aware that Israel's well-being is central to that belief. Over and over again, the Bible relates stories of how God cursed and punished Israel's enemies and those agents of Satan who sought its destruction. By trying to inflict harm on Israel and by siding with those who want to annihilate it, the Munchausen Jews' anti-Israel Seder is not reflecting a practice of Judaism. From a Judeo-Christian standpoint, what they are doing is a form of Satan-worship.

Whether or not one believes in God or Satan, considering that the echoes of Hitler's praises and cheers for terrorists who intentionally slaughter Jews will still be reverberating in the walls where they will be gathered to curse Israel, Satan-worshiper seems the right metaphor for Muchausen Jews.


Anonymous said...

I am a member of the United Jewish People's order and a great fan of Monty Python. Our organization contains people with many opinions on Israel, ranging from troubled support to dismay at the present state of affairs. Some support BDS; others oppose it. The only official position we have concerns the occupied territories, and is not anti-Zionist as such. We have our own "Third Seyder" next week. What unites our organization is acommitment to social justice which used to be dominant in all sections of the Jewish community. Many of us see our role as an effort to keep alive the the Judaism of our parents and grandparents.

Richard K said...

Yeah. That's nice. Your organization also says it's affiliated with the so-called "Canadian Peace Alliance," a virulently anti-Israel organization, the head of which makes speeches at the annual antisemitic al Quds Day rallies, where he leads chants calling for the end of Israel.

And I'm pretty sure I saw a banner from your group at a protest against the Jewish National Fund.

I don't think you guys actually understand the difference between social justice and socialism. But don't feel too ashamed. Lots of people make that mistake these days.

I'm glad you're a fan of the Pythons though. So am I.

If your organization is some kind of tribute to them, that would make more sense. But maybe you should consider that you guys are taking the Python thing a bit far.

flamenco dancer said...

Anonymous, you are a big nar( Yiddish) for fool, When Political Islam takes over, you will be the first to have your head and dick chopped off!!!
Mazel Tov idiot.

Richard K said...

And at the web address below is a picture of creeps, some of whom carrying a United Jewish People's Order banner, harassing kids and the elderly at the annual Walk for Israel.