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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn says antisemitic Labour MP does not hold the views she said she held. Wink Wink Nudge Nudge

Jeremy Corbyn's Labour has openly become the political party for British Jew-haters. Corbyn says he won't tolerate antisemitism in Labour as he continues to tolerate antisemitism in Labour. 

A split has opened at the top of the Labour party after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn failed to suspend one of his MPs Naz Shah over her anti-Semitic comments. 
Mr Corbyn met Ms Shah this morning in his office to express his displeasure about Ms Shah’s comments in which she argued for Israelis to be transported to the USA.

However he explicitly declined to say that Ms Shah should be suspended, despite shadow Chancellor John McDonnell saying this month that anyone making anti-Semitic remarks should be thrown out of the party.

Mr Corbyn’s decision emerged as one of his shadow Cabinet allies Lisa Nandy, the shadow Energy secretary,  was saying live on a BBC interview that Ms Shah should be suspended.

Mr Corbyn was put under more pressure by David Cameron at their weekly clash in Prime Minister's Questions, saying: "Perhaps if he could deal with the anti-Semites in their own party we'd be prepared to listen to them a bit more."...

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