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Friday, April 1, 2016

Toronto City Councilor Giorgio Mammoliti rips into hypocrites who attended Rob Ford's Funeral

On Friday, Mammoliti pulled no punches in chastising a number of Toronto’s left-leaning public servants for showing respect for former Toronto mayor Rob Ford following his death last week.

In a news release titled “Dirty Half Dozen,” Mammoliti proceeds to carve into Liberal MP Adam Vaughan and five sitting city councillors who had long-standing disagreements with Ford.

“In the worst case of hypocrisy that I have witnessed,” he says, “the vermin that dwell in the underbelly of Toronto were out in full force in an exemplary display of the wickedest behaviour mankind can exhibit.”...


Guido Sarducci said...

They were invited and had they not show up I'm sure Mammo and So-Angry Levy and the rest of the troglodytes would have attacked the same people for not having enough 'class' to attend Ford's funeral.

Richard K said...

There's something to that, Guido, and their absence would have elicited criticism had they not been there.

But I've heard what they said about Ford while he was alive and it went far beyond the norms of political dispute - it was deeply, viciously personal for them. Attending Ford's funeral was appropriate, but they being right up in the front row had the distinct air of gloating to it.