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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn worked for Iran's Holocaust-denying state propaganda arm and said calling the BBC "Zionist liars" is a good point

Since taking over Britain's Labour Party, barely a day has gone by where Jeremy Corbyn hasn't had to deal with another instance of antisemitism from within his party making troublesome headlines.

His leadership has become a magnet for Jew-haters to believe they have found a welcoming environment in Labour, though Corbyn insists he is opposed to antisemitism.

The most recent controversy involves one of Corbyn's closest Labour allies, and a senior Labour leader, former London mayor "Red" Ken Livingstone, who volunteered the insane, historically ignorant suggestion that Nazi Fuhrer Adolf Hitler had been a Zionist.

When Labour MP John Mann publicly confronted Livingstone, calling him a  "lying racist" and "a Nazi apologist," Labour's first instinct was to reprimand Mann. It was only due to intense public pressure that Corbyn suspended Livingstone from the party.

All this makes sense in the context of Jeremy Corbyn's personal beliefs and history.

In 2010, Corbyn worked as a host for Press TV, Iran's state-controlled English language propaganda network,  Press TV is a clearing house for deranged antisemitic conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial, all under the smiling guidance of Iran's depraved, apocalyptic-minded ayatollahs.

During a call-in show, Corbyn agreed with a caller's statement that the BBC, a TV network highly critical of Israel, were "Zionist liars," because their condemnation of the Jewish state wasn't vehement enough for the liking of Iran's shills.

That video was found by the Guido Fawkes blog in England, which has been the source of uncovering much of the outrageous behaviour in Labour under Corbyn.

Which all seems to demonstrate that the crisis of antisemitism now faced by the Labour Party isn't despite Corbyn's efforts, but because of them.

(You can see the video below - watch from the 8:00 point):

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