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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jonathan Kay Among the Truthers

The National Post's Jonathan Kay has a new book out called Among the Truthers: A Journey Through America's Growing Conspiracist Underground. It's an intriguing examination of the conspiracy theory movement in the USA, with a particular focus on the 9-11 conspiracy aficionados.

From the Wall Street Journal review:

A survey in February recorded that 51% of GOP primary voters believed Mr. Obama to be a non-native son. In a victory for common sense, support for the position plummeted with the recent release of Mr. Obama's long-form birth certificate.   

Liberals should avoid crowing too loudly, though, since they have their own share of nutters. In 2007, pollster John Zogby asked Democratic voters about the terrorist attacks of 9/11; 42% of respondents said that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney either allowed the attacks to happen or deliberately caused the attacks to happen, presumably for political gain or to reap a financial windfall by waging a war for oil in the Middle East. 

To Jonathan Kay, Birthers and Truthers are flipsides of the same coin. "Like an earthquake, 9/11 produced a great fissure through the heart of America's political center," he writes in "Among the Truthers." "It is not just politics that separates these two camps, but the very manner by which they answer fundamental questions about the world."

Kay has created this blog for the book that has updates about the latest Conspiracy Theories http://amongthetruthers.com/

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