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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The NDP clown show gets off to an early start

I did warn you this was going to happen.

I just had no idea it would start within the first 24 hours of the NDP becoming Canada's Official Opposition.

For months, this blog has been alerting its readers that the NDP was an irresponsible party, filled with whack-jobs (and I didn't even know about Layton's "Community Clinic" visit at the time), crazy conspiracy theorists, communists, and panderers to the most vile elements in society.

Well, not they are the official opposition and within a day, they've managed to make their own idiocy and incompetence their narrative. The only surprising thing is that it wasn't caused by one of the usual suspect NDP buffoons, but by Thomas Mulcair, who is generally regarded as one of the most shrewd members of his party.

I should amend that to 'was regarded'. Muclair came out yesterday with his imbecilic conspiracy theory that photos of Osama bin Laden being dead don't exist.

The US has already been criticized by angry Muslims for burying the caliph of terrorism, Osama bin laden at sea. Palestinian groups and others are lionizing the dead terrorist as a martyr. The Obama administration is particularly sentient of Muslim sensibilities, so the fear that releasing gory photos of Bin Laden with a gaping bullet wound in his head would inflame the already inflamed Islamic "street" is very understandable.

If I had a "conspiracy theory" it would be that bin Laden's "burial at sea" is really a euphemism for being on display in a vat of formaldehyde in a Langley, Virginia basement. But that's just a joke I'd muse about, not something I'd publicly present as a serious theory, particularly if I were the Deputy Leader of Canada's Official Opposition.

But then, as this blog has often observed, competence is not a strong point for the New Democratic Party. Of course, Canada, as a nation will find that out the hard way over the next 5 years.

The Conservative majority was the right choice for Canada, given the irresponsible opposition parties it faced in the election last Monday. But it isn't healthy for a country to have one party rule absolutely with the only challenge coming from inept radicals.

The Liberal party's collapse was due to a ineffective leader who guided the party's pandering to the radical left and was rejected by the left, right, and centre. The Tories, under Stephen Harper's disciplined leadership, has absorbed the centre that the Liberals abandoned. The next 5 years should be an opportunity for the Liberal Party of Canada to rebuild itself as a responsible party of the centre. If it does, Canada will have a healthy democracy. If it doesn't, we have to hope the Conservative Party governs benignly, because if the Liberal party continues their pandering, re-branding as the "progressive" party, the Tories will be governing with relative impunity for a very long time.

UPDATE: The NDP's teenage MP from Quebec:  "“I don’t think separatism is dead,” he said. “The NDP and I respect sovereignty.”  Is a renaming of the NDP to Le Bloc Socialiste far off?

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