Friday, May 6, 2011

Not to be outdone, Libby Davies embarrasses NDP within hours of election

The NDP has escaped serious scrutiny for a long time, but now as Official Opposition, their sudden exposure to the center spotlight will show Canadians the alarming ineptitude of Canada's socialist party.

Tom Mulcair is one of the NDP's two Deputy Leaders and generally considered to be among the smartest people in his party. That bodes badly for Jack Layton, as within 24 hours of the election, Muclair earned the moniker 'Tin Foil' Tom by publicly expressing the conspiracy theory that the US lied about having photographs of Osama bin Laden dead.

Layton's other Deputy Leader, Libby Davies, should have been expected to be the first senior NDP caucus member to embarrass the party with a conspiracy theory. Davies had already introduced a 9-11 conspiracy theory to Parliament in 2008, accusing the US government of being complicit in the World Trade Center attacks. But this week, she chose another way to embarrass the NDP.

The day after the election, she appeared on CPAC, the parliamentary news channel, and upset that she wasn't given enough talk-time in the panel that included Conservative MP Gord Brown and Liberal MP Mauril Belanger, Davies sarcastically thanked the host, and then to hammer home her rudeness, pointed out explicitly, "I was being sarcastic!" Then, she yanked her earpiece out while shouting "Christ!!"

There are few junior parliamentarians who would publicly behave like a spoiled, petulant child. At least Helena Guergis chose to have her Charlottetown airport meltdown outside the presence of national television cameras. And that incident was the one that numbered her days as a Conservative Cabinet Minister.

Jack Layton has forbidden many of his crop of rookie MP's from saying anything in public, for fear they would reveal their incompetence and inability to perform their new jobs properly. But with the added exposure, Canada is going to learn the hard way that the NDP's buffoonery runs all the way to the top of that organization.

Video credit to SDAMatt


Kaffir_Kanuck said...

Libby "Beans" Davies can afford to be a buffoon from here on in, not that she's every been nothing but a buffoon, she's probably maxed out her Parliamentary pension and is old enough to collect if she retires.

Don Sharpe said...

Libby looked a little pale, like she had the 'meat sweats' from a big burger . . ... The first house sitting should be on pay per view, everybody is gonna want to see what happens!

Richard said...

Layton may be many things but an idiot he isn't. He would probably love to put Davies in a place where she isn't such an embarrassment, but she has such a big following among the radical wing of his party that he'd have trouble shelving her. The radicals may be crazy but they are very active in the party, so Layton can't dismiss them (not that I'm sure he completely wants to).

In a way, it's one of life's little checks and balances. keeping the crazies in the NDP prevents them from ever being taken totally seriously, and will likely prevent an NDP-Liberal merger.

Jim R said...

Why are all leftist women so goddamn unfeminine....and perpetually pissed off?

Jim R said...

Is it because they really need to get laid....but can't.

Mar said...

I guess she was hungry?

Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

Beer goggles can't help Libbey.

Jim R said...

"Beer goggles can't help Libbey."

Ouch! That had to hurt.

Anonymous said...

Egads!as long as she is a deputy with the NDP,they can forget about getting the keys to 24 sussex drive.