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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Historian Benny Morris accosted in London

"Uncurbed, Muslim intimidation in the public domain of people they see as disagreeing with them is palpable and palpably affecting the British Christian majority among whom they live, indeed, cowing them into silence. One senses real fear (perhaps a corner was turned with the Muslim reactions around the world to the "Mohammed cartoons" and the responses in the West to these reactions.) Which, if true, is a sad indication of what is happening in the historic mother of democracies and may point to what is happening, and will increasingly happen, in Western Europe in general in the coming decades."
Full article in The National Interest


Anonymous said...

Please see the following link of a video by the London based group who challenged Benny Morris http://londonbds.org/2011/07/28/is-benny-morris-professor-of-history-in-the-middle-east-studies-department-of-ben-gurion-university-a-serious-historian-or-plain-old-racist/

Richard K said...

Thanks for the post, it's a great comedy video. Those emotionally unbalanced socialist half-wits who got so upset when Morris spoke about how the Arabs vowed to wipe out Israel in 1948 that they had to walk out of a lecture were hilarious!

The armies of 5 Arab countries attacked Israel as soon as it declared independence with the stated goal of wiping out all the Jews there, but it makes the pro Hamas pet activist project look bad so these socialist stooges were traumatized. That's comedy gold!