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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Who really is behind the Sea Hitler

Sandra Ruch is a local leader of the effort to launch the Sea Hitler, the Canadian boat attempting to break Israel's blockade against Iranian arms smuggling to its proxy group Hamas in Gaza.

She claims to be concerned about "human rights," but Ms Ruch's endeavours in that area are evidently limited to attempting to deny Israel, a pluralistic democracy, the same right to self-defense as any other country in the world.

Ms Ruch appears to have a desperate psychological need for acceptance and attention that manifests itself in histrionic gestures, like her attempt to occupy the Israeli consulate in Toronto along with Jenny Peto, the author of a notorious anti-Semitic OISE thesis.

 Iranian interests lurk behind the Sea Hitler
Israel, which just hosted a huge Gay Pride parade in Tel Aviv, has laws protecting Gay rights, women's rights and affords all religions the right to unfettered practice. This stands in stark contrast to Iran, which executes people merely for being Gay, uses rape an a sanctioned form of punishment for women in prison, and whose officials carried out the prison torture, rape and murder of Canadian-Iranian journalist Zahra Kazemi. Iran`s Mullah-ocracy persecutes practioners of religions other than Shia Islam, including the peaceful Baha'i minority.

The Baha`ì religion, which originated in Iran, now has its world headquarters in Haifa, Israel; in the only middle eastern country that actually does allow religious freedom.

No honest, sane person could actually claim to support human rights while showing support for the Iranian Khomeinist regime. It only compounds such foolishness to do so while criticizing Israel, whose human rights record surpasses Iran's beyond measure.

So it is interesting to note whose large portrait one of Ms Ruch's group is holding up for her backdrop as part of the Sea Hitler effort.

The only interests that are being served by the Sea Hitler are of Hamas and its master, Iran. By proudly associating with the Khomeinist regime at Sea Hitler rallies, some of Iran's useful idiots display contempt for real human rights along with an ignorance of the hypocritical ramifications of their tacit support for terrorism.


Anonymous said...

What a stupid twit....She knows nothing about the history of the Middle East...

Daniel Moshe Johnson said...

My take, is the Canadian Immigration Authority should start deporting unpatriotic Refugees, citizens with old country hate, Anti-emites and individuals from Arabs States or any state that promotes hate within Canada. Canada has become a safe haven through the policies of Trudeau for criminals and ideological stooges. Jews have contributed a great deal to this democracy and are being bashed for defending an expansion of democracy in the Middle East. If a mother gives birth to a child, is it not the right of that child to claim her mother in her full totality, enough said.

Anonymous said...

Id favor the legal route, however laws that restrict our enemies could be used against us in the future... let them raise their money and send a boat... and let Israel disable it and drag it far away from our waters.