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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Class War" coming to Toronto in January if the public service unions get their way

The Toronto Stop the Cuts network, an anti-austerity, union front group co-founded by the author of a notorious anti-Semitic OISE thesis, is planning a last-ditch stand against Toronto`s upcoming budget vote on January 17.

Judging by the people committed to participating on the group`s facebook page, it looks like the protest will be a convention of the most undesirable characters Toronto has to offer.

In addition to Jenny Peto, you`ll be able to find James Clark, of the Iranian dictatorship advocacy group The Canadian Peace Alliance, May Lui, the hilarious OISE grad who said that a long wait-time at a hardware store made her a victim of sexual oppression, Jesse Zimmerman, the aggressive, hysterical fanatic that tried to accost best-selling author and journalist Michael Coren during and after a public speech, Sea Hitler stooge Lyn Adamson,  Ryerson Prof Alan Sears, who hopes the anti-Israel movement is the gateway drug to the fall of international Capitalism, and a mish-mash of self-interested CUPE officials, OISE staff and depraved Marxist half-wits.

This fight against Ford is the vanguard of the coming battle of public service unions against taxpayers.
"The biggest myth about labor unions is that unions are for workers. Unions are for unions, just as corporations are for corporations and politicians are for politicians."             -Thomas Sowell
Ford has kept his promise of not raising taxes beyond the rate of inflation (in fact he did better by not raising it at all in his first year in office). He put money back in taxpayers' pockets by eliminating the vehicle registration tax.

Taxes skyrocketed under Ford's predecessor David Miller and the amalgamation of the City of Toronto, which was supposed to streamline services and increase efficiency, saw the city's employment roll grow by 7000 people. That's where the tax increases have gone under Miller and that's what the unions are going all-out to preserve at the expense of the average citizen.

The unions are using every tactic they have at their disposal, including their financing of the incoherent Occupy Toronto protest that cost Toronto's taxpayers $714,000 according to the anti-Ford newspaper The Toronto Star.

They pour money extracted from union dues into the neo-Marxist propaganda outlet rabble.ca, where making an anti-union comment gets a person banned from their user forums.

They finance the violent, fanatical group OCAP (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty) that, like Occupy Toronto, exploits the homeless and mentally ill to advance their agenda, which they see as being the beginnings of "class warfare."

The unions and their proxies are trying to frame Toronto's budget battle as one of cuts to essential services. Make no mistake, they are concerned with reductions, but only to the overflowing union coffers, not to  the quality of the lives of the average citizen whose taxes they want to spike higher.

That is the real, ugly face of the anti-Ford movement in Toronto. They act in service, not of fairness, but the advancement of an agenda that serves only themselves. In the world they strive for, public policy is not driven by democratic representatives that are elected by every citizen, but a politburo that will impose its will on the less enlightened masses whom they claim to represent despite its lack of consent.

The neo-Marxist, lunatic media outlet rabble.ca produced this poorly-made, hyperbolic 'class warfare' video hoping to mobilize the crazies against Ford:

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