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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A quick note on the genocidal Khomeinist al Quds hatefest in Toronto

Something that has been casually noted, but really should be highlighted about the al Quds Day hatefest is the murderous intent of eliminating Israeli Jews that took front-and-center stage at the rally.

The lies and hypocrisy of the followers of Iran`s depraved dictator, the deceased Ayatollah Khomeni, are evident. With one breath they say they want peace and equality for all, and with the next proclaim how they will start shooting and killing Jews if they do not up and leave `Palestine.`

"Palestine" is not merely the West Bank and Gaza to those people. They also view all of pre-1967 Israel as Palestine.  The most notorious speaker from the rogue's gallery of fanatics, imbeciles and hatemongers who took to the microphone at the Queen's Park al Quds demonstration was Elias Hazineh, the former Palestine House President.  His pronouncement that Israelis should be given a two minute warning to leave or be shot has made international headlines since his speech on Saturday.

What was less noticed was his declaration that "We've (Palestinians) been negotiating with them for sixty-five years!"

Sixty five years ago was the year 1948, the year of the State of Israel's birth. It is to that nation and the Jews within it to which Hazineh referred when he continued, "we say 'get out or you're dead!'"

This is the face and the words of the murderous Khomeinists, joined by useful idiots from groups like the so-called Canadian Peace Alliance and the inbred cult of apocalyptic, anti-Zionist Jews, Neutrei Karta.

Their bile and stupidity makes them self-discrediting. But forgetting to shine a light on their evil wil only let it grow, and in that regard, Canada`s mainstream news organizations, with the exception of Sun News, have displayed their own shameful negligence.


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