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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christie Blatchford: Ice storm reawakens Toronto’s inner wimp

...during this week, there was an undeclared war among the three putative mayors for control of the helm (and to be seen as “the face” of the ice storm) and a raging debate about whether Mr. Ford should have formally declared a state of emergency in the city, and whether it would have made a whit of difference in how the blackout was handled.
Myself, I’m of the view that Mr. Ford won this battle and rather handily: He seemed clear-eyed, sober, un-cracked, in charge and in control throughout, while Mr. Kelly mostly stood about looking rugged in a ball jacket and Ms. Wynne mostly pronounced that her heart ached for all the victims. Ms. Wynne’s heart aches a great deal, it should be noted.

In any case, now that it’s all over but the whingeing (which will go on for years, trust me), Mr. Kelly is apparently thinking of calling in the army to help with the cleanup of all the damaged trees...

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