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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Darwin Award of 2014 goes to the Palestinian Ambassador to the Czech Republic

..who killed himself when he forgot about the bomb booby trap in his safe.


Anonymous said...

Palestine is not a country. How can it have ambassadors and where is the money to fund these coming from?

Richard K said...

A number of the Euro weenies recognize them as having nation status and allow them to have ambassadors and embassies.

They have a diplomatic delegation headed by a Charge d'Affairs in countries like Canada and the US.

Their money probably comes form the UN and that minority of funds, donated by countries like ours, that has managed to avoid making its way into the personal bank accounts of the PA leadership.

mrzee said...

I don't usually support giving money to the palestinians but if Canada wants to sponsor a program to outdo him for this year's Darwin award, I could probably get behind it.