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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Error At Toronto District School Board Costs Taxpayers $700,000

...“It is a shame and it is very sad, because this money could be going to our students, it could be going in our classrooms,” said trustee Stephnie Payne. “We’ve got to change locks simply because of the carelessness of our senior team.”

The Toronto Star recently launched an online project that released the full database of work orders, which included the pin settings of locks at some schools.

Steve Shaw, a senior manager of facility services, said it was only caught when a TDSB staff member, who is also a locksmith, started searching through the database and realized that a member of the public may be able to recreate a school key with the information provided. The Star has since removed the description of work orders under locks. But the work orders provided to The Globe show the names of the schools and describes the locks that need to be changed, along with some pin setting numbers...

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