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Friday, July 4, 2014

Government to appeal ruling by 11th hour Chretien appointee to Federal Court striking down cuts to refugee health care

...The limits on refugee health care demean and endanger those from countries the government deems safe, said Justice Mactavish, a former chairperson of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal who was appointed in the last days of prime minister Jean Chr├ętien’s term in office. “It puts their lives at risk, and perpetuates the stereotypical view that they are cheats, that their refugee claims are ‘bogus,’ and that they have come to Canada to abuse the generosity of Canadians. It undermines their dignity and serves to perpetuate the disadvantage suffered by members of an admittedly vulnerable, poor and disadvantaged group."...

As far as I can tell from the ruling, there is no basis in law for the judgement and it reflects the opinion and  attitudes one would expect from a former kangaroo court Human Rights Tribunal Chairperson. The judge made a number of errors which will serve for grounds for appeal, including allowing non-expert witnesses for the applicants to testify as experts.

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