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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Norah Jones wants you to masturbate to her new album

Are there video tracks included?

...for her new side-project as part of the country-roots trio Puss N Boots, Jones wants fans to experience her tunes in an entirely differently way.
“I think people should only listen to this album while masturbating,” she says with a laugh, referring to the group's album No Fools, No Fun, which arrives on Tuesday. “That’s the only way they can listen to it.”
h/t Skippy Stalin


Skippy Stalin said...

I try to stay abreast of the most important news!

Richard K said...

Glad you do!

My suggestion is rather than saying people should buy her album and masturbate to it, she should just have retitled it, "Music to masturbate to." Way more sales potential that way. It would top the charts in some parts of the near and middle east.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...did she mean "defecate"?

Then yes.

gama said...

Richard I use to beat-it to Michael Jackson's beat-it~!?!

Richard K said...

Did I need to know that, Gama?

I suppose it's my own fault for posting this in the first place...