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Friday, March 4, 2016

Campus political correctness goes loco


At Bowdoin College a couple of weekends ago, there were two parties happening on campus, The Washington Post's Catherine Rampell reports:
Party #1: A "tequila"-themed birthday party where some participants wore tiny sombreros
Party #2: A official administration-sanctioned "Cold War" party, where students showed up in fur hats and at least one gal came costumed as Stalin.
Guess which social gathering unleashed a massive omphaloskeptic upheaval at the Maine liberal arts college?
When pictures of the offending miniature Mexican headgear party showed up on social media sites, seemingly the entire campus swung into action.
Rampell writes that Bowdoin administrators sent "multiple schoolwide emails notifying the students about an 'investigation' into a possible 'act of ethnic stereotyping.'...

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