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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Israel, the only country standing in the way of the Mideast descending into total chaos

...“Since 1948, we Arabs have been taught that all we need to do is get rid of the Jewish state and everything will go well.” Saddam Hussein, when he was Iraq’s president, adopted the Palestinian flag and flew it alongside his own flag. “We Arabs have put 70 years of our existence on hold while awaiting the glorious day when we defeat Israel and feed the Jews to the fish.” But that day still hasn’t come. Zahran quotes a fellow Jordanian oppositionist, Emad Tarifi, who remarked, “It seems the fish are not betting on us feeding them Jews.

Instead, Arabs have allowed dictators to impoverish and terrorize the people, in the name of the anti-Zionist struggle. “While Israel made 10 new breakthroughs in cancer and cardiac treatments in the last two years alone, we Arabs developed new execution methods,” like death by drowning in a cage, as ISIL demonstrated.

If the enemies of Israel had succeeded in destroying it, Zahran says, Iran would now have nuclear weapons. Instead, Iran learned from Iraq’s experience in 1981, when Israel’s bombers reduced Iraq’s Osirak reactor to rubble.

Zahran argues that if Israel were to disappear now, Iran could extend its influence into Jordan, Kuwait and Bahrain the next day, since it would not have to fear an inevitable Israeli response. With Israel gone, ISIL would also reach Jordan. ISIL “does not dare enter Jordan for one reason only — its fear that Israeli jets would catch up with it 15 minutes later.”

Zahran believes that Israel is becoming stronger every day through democracy and innovation, while Arab countries are getting weaker through dictatorship and chaos. Speaking as a Jordanian, he says, “We can hate Israel as much as we like, but we must realize that without it, we too would be gone.”...

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