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Monday, March 21, 2016

Toronto Police Board Member and City Councilor Promotes BlackLivesMatter Protest Against Police

Last July an officer in the Toronto Police Service shot and killed 44-year-old South Sudanese immigrant Andrew Loku inside of his apartment building. A few days later a group of anti-cop protestors organized a protest under the banner of #BlackLivesMatter Toronto. The protesters gathered and blocked the intersection of Allen Road at Eglinton Avenue interrupting the journies of 100’s of Torontonians driving and using public transit.

BLMT used the blockade as a way to get extra attention for their group, demanding that the officer who shot Loku faced criminal charges. It was long before any of the details were known about the shooting, but facts were less important to the group then public attention. A survey conducted after the protest indicates a higher percentage of Torontonians learned about BLMT that day than about Andrew Loku.

Loku was only 2 meters away from the officer, charging at him with a hammer and yelling out “What you gonna do, come on, shoot me”.On Friday Ontario’s police watchdog Special Investigations Unit determined that the officer didn’t do anything wrong. BLMT has responded as their petulant selves, announcing a protest starting at 6pm in front of City Hall at Nathan Phillips Hall. The protest is being promoted by the usual gang including a violent convicted G20 organizer, an ethically challenged Toronto Star/Canadaland/Newstalk 1010 contributor, and a member of the Toronto Police Board...

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