Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Snow penis at U of Michigan screws with minds of politically correct idiots

What you rationally thought was someone making a funny by creating a snow cock
could be a symbol of white privilege and the patriarchy.
Or maybe it's just a snow penis. 

The University of Michigan continued to struggle with its official position on sexuality, snow and freedom of expression when a Hall Director reported a giant snow penis as a bias-incident. The confluence of these three much discussed topics was too much to go undocumented. The phallic creation in question appeared outside of the Bursley residence hall on North Campus following the snow storm that blanketed Ann Arbor earlier in the day.

Bias-incidents, according to the Student Life Websiteare “incidents that make people feel targeted because of their social identity group membership.” Based on this definition, it is unclear if the bias incident report was generated because of the perceived white male privilege displayed by the pearly member rising out up from the ground or because of inadequate sex representation as no efforts had been made to create a snow vagina. It is also possible that the white penis was targeted symbolically, as the university was unable to prevent Milo Yiannopoulos’ visit to the school the evening before.  Either way, the snowy creation was deemed something that needed to be taken “very seriously” by the university community...

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