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Monday, May 9, 2011

Which Ontario provincial Liberal candidate accused his party leader of "fear-mongering"?

And the answer is:

Liberal candidate for the provincial riding of Thornhill..

Bernie Farber


Unknown said...

OK you don't like Bernie.

But Bernie Farber did not run as Liberal candidate for Thornhill in the last election. Maybe you'd like to change your headline a little bit.

No need to mislead people.

Unknown said...

Ooops...I just saw this, which is news to me:


I was, of course, referring to the FEDERAL election that we just had.

Richard K said...

Who says I don't like Bernie? I think he's a great guy on a personal lavel. I think some of his policy positions need fine-tuning, and it is "untraditional" for a party to run candidates who have made those types of statements about a party leader.

Whether I agree or disagree with some of Bernie's positions, I do believe he has integrity, which is not something I would say about every political candidate in Canada.

The headline does say "Ontario provincial" to describe the candidacy, but no worries, Holden. I say things without a careful look sometimes myself (I know that will come as a shock to many!)

Andre (Thornhill) said...

Bernie is probably one of the most detrimental character to the Canadian Jewish Community. His pretense that he represented the Jewish Community was a lie all along of course (when and where was the election?). Also, his fight to supress free speach because of some obscure neo-nazi site that no one ever reads while staying silent about the daily vitriol and insults uttered by Muslim leaders against Jews should make anyone question the man's integrity. He faught 2 of Canada's strongest supporters of the Jewish Community and of Israel (Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn) while at the same time giveng an award to and others while granting an award to Richard Warman, one of the greatest enemies of free speech.
I hope Bernie gets shalacked during the election and fades into the garbage of history.

Richard K said...

I think Bernie's approach is having some very detrimental effects, but I don't doubt the sincerity of his motives. I'm not his spokesman, but I think he might point to places like Rwanda as an example of what absolute free speech can lead to.

That said, I disagree vociferously with the approach that believes criminalizing speech is the way to fight hate.

It is better to expose and ridicule hatemongers, and you can't shine light on those people when you drive them into the shadows.