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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Canadian leftists` hypocrisy and deference to Islam fuels the genocide in Darfur

To the indifference of the United Nations, in a desolate part of Africa, by the hundreds of thousands, the world`s worst ongoing genocide since the reign of terror by Pol Pot`s murderous Khmer Rouge continues.

Sudan's Omar al-Bashir
The genocide in Sudan has faded from public attention, and the deaths are likely to continue for a long time because the homicidal campaign of President Omar al-Bashir to turn his country into an Islamic, Arab state has help throughout the Muslim middle east and  from conniving accessories here in the west.

And if you say anything about it, you are an Islamophobe!  Or at least, that's what lots of western enablers of a racist genocide in Africa would like people to believe.

Can you imagine even the most elementary discussion of the Holocaust without mentioning Jews and Germans? Or of the Turkish genocide of Armenians without mentioning Armenians? It sounds too ludicrous to be taken seriously.

But the equivalent happened last Wednesday when Gerald Caplan, New Democratic Party adviser and stalwart of the radical neo-Marxist website rabble.ca, wrote an article in The Globe and Mail chastising Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird for his supposed inaction on Sudan.

Not once will you find the words Arab, Islam, black, or Muslim in Caplan's article. Caplan neglects to mention whom is killing whom in Sudan or why. Relying on  Caplan's information, one is left to assume the Sudanese genocide is simply a case of a criminal president murdering random civilians.  But the truth is that these murders are not random at all. They are part of a systematic campaign by Muslim Arabs in Sudan to eradicate non-Muslim blacks.

Why are Caplan and his ilk unwilling to speak out about the motives, the perpetrators and the victims in Sudan? The answer is that motivated by trying to seek common cause with the "anti-imperialist" (i.e. anti-American, anti- Israel) Muslim world, they are fearful of pegging any atrocity they may commit to Islam. Because Arabs are among the downtrodden in their idiotic, Manichean, Marxist division of the world between oppressor and oppressed, nothing may be said against them. Instead, they obsess over the transgressions committed by capitalist countries that are inherently democratic and respectful of human rights while favoring totalitarians they see as sympathetic to their anti-capitalist aspirations.

This attitude is quite happily exploited by Islamists and their helpers in Canada and the west.

A case in point was illustrated when a member of the Canadian Public Employees Union (CUPE) challenged Ali Mallah, the union's then Vice President for Diversity, on its inaction regarding the Darfur genocide while it invested enormous resources for efforts such as vilifying Israel over its defensive actions in Gaza which resulted in a fraction of the casualties inflicted by Muslim forces in Sudan.

The response from Mallah, who not coincidentally was also a Vice President of the Canadian Arab Federation, was remarkably revealing. His answer (with his spelling and syntax errors included) was in essence to justify doing nothing by attributing attention towards Sudan to an imperialist, anti-Arab, Islamophobic conspiracy:
".. We had a  a tense discussion about this issue and It was the International Solidarity committee and later the executive of CUPE  district decision not to be dragged into a suspicios  calls by some organizations (that are well known of its biases and disregard to Human rights) to participate in demonstartions that based on Islamophobia and prejudices while shedding crocodile tears over Darfur, Sepecialy when it  is paving the way for another Imperialist project led By G.W. Bush, Condie and the rest of the gang. also, part of the debate was focused on the fact that there attempts to divide the  people of Sudan Sudanees as Arabs VS  Africans. I am sure you agree with the  fact,  that Sudan is an African Country and its people are Africans regardless of religion and  languages/ dialect."
Mallah is a close associate of the notorious pro-Iran advocate Zafar Bangash, an Islamist radical Imam who operates from York region, north of Toronto, with the two of them regularly appearing back-to-back at local anti-Israel rallies.. Bangash claims to decry racism, but his angry, volatile personality causes the veil to slip from time to time, revealing his antipathy towards blacks, having called US President Obama "that black man in the White House" and a "perfect Uncle Tom." As pro-democracy Muslim moderate Tarek Fatah has noted, Arab racism towards blacks and people with dark skin is worse than anything he has ever seen in the west.

CUPE and the union-financed website rabble.ca, published by the spouse of NDP Deputy Leader Libby Davies, are not alone among so-called "social justice" advocates who turn a blind eye to the racist, Islamic genocide of blacks in Sudan.

Alternatives International is a Montreal-based NGO that receives about a million dollars a year from the Canadian and Quebec governments. The organization, which has been able to maintain charitable status despite its financing of blatantly political campaigns, is supposedly concerned with human rights throughout the developing world.  Not surprisingly, Sudan is absent from its list of campaigns. What is interesting is that Ali Mallah is on the Board of Directors of Alternatives.

Another group that lays a questionable claim to being a "social justice" organization is the Canadian Peace Alliance. While doing nothing to advance the cause of peace, they do act as Canadian advocates for Iran, a repressive,  brutal, authoritarian regime that is the world's most blatant sponsor of terrorism.  But there is not a mention of the genocide in Sudan among their campaigns.

That shouldn't be too big a shock. Guess who is on the Steering Committee for The Canadian Peace Alliance... Ali Mallah!

Romeo Dallaire wrote a book called Shake Hands with the Devil in which he told the tale of trying to save the lives of Tutsi in Rwanda. Canada's leftists could write a book called In Bed with the Devil, where they can talk about how they sold out blacks in Sudan, and their souls, for the approbation of Islamists.


Yorkie said...

Brave of you to still be talking about Darfur and Somalia now that Israel has stopped crying crocodile tears and intensified deportations of Darfuris who dare seek refuge in Israel. Maybe you should expose that bit of hypocrisy?

Richard K said...

Keep up with the times, Yorkie. There's an independent South Sudan now, where they aren't facing the same dangers.

And funny how Muslim refugees are fleeing through Muslim countries to get to the freedom of "apartheid" Israel. I thought it was supposed to be so oppressive and discriminatory.

Yorkie said...

The existence of South Sudan doesn't justify what the National Post describes as "race riots" in Israel against Sudanese refugees. If your concern about Darfur and the Sudanese is so sincere why don't you write a blogpost about what's going on in Israel? The silence of western Jewish groups that feigned so much concern about Darfur just a few years ago has been defening. It's almost like the entire Save Darfur camapign was insincere. http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/05/24/deport-the-sudanese-violent-israeli-race-riots-draw-condemnation-empathy/

Richard K said...

OK, so there`s a genocide going on in Darfur (Sudan is an entirely different issue, though you don`t seem to be able to distinguish between the two), and Israel takes in refugees.

And rather than deal with the genocide, you obsess over Israel, which isn`t murdering people because of their skin color and race.

You might want to discus your obsession with a psychiatrist.