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Sunday, September 2, 2012

More unhinged racism from Iran's mouthpiece in Canada

The Eminence Gris behind the Khomeinist al Quds demonstrations in Toronto is a notorious hate monger named  "Daffy" Zafar Bangash. Under the direction of Iran's Embassy in Canada,  Bangash, the Imam of the York region Islamic Centre, penned a glowing tribute to the sadistic, murderous dictator of Iran's Islamic Republic from 1979 to 1989, Ruhollah Khomeini. Indeed, Bangash rarely misses an opportunity to lavish praise on that regime that systematically punishes female dissidents with rape and torture.
"Daffy" Zaffy outside Toronto's
Pakistani consulate

While a propagandist, Daffy Zaffy's style is less suited to the western world, where even disinformation requires some subtlety and reason, than to the Islamic world where hyperbole and big talk substitute for their minuscule achievements. Part of Bangash's schtick is to accuse, without any substantiation, anyone who doesn't kowtow to his Islamist fanaticism of being a racist.

An editorial from someone too stupid to
recognize its own hypocrisy
The irony being that Bangash tends to work himself up in to such a hateful lather when he speaks and even writes, that he frequently betrays his own actual racism. The epitome of his bigoted antipathy these days being in the person of US President Barack Obama.

While fuming against Israel at last year's al Quds hatefest, where he invariably refers to Israel as "the racist, Zionist regime" Bangash couldn't restrain his hate and cursed Obama as "that black man in the White House."

Now, in one of his rambling paeans to the barbaric dictatorship in Iran, he refers to Obama with a racial slur as "a perfect Uncle Tom."

The lie that Daffy Zaffy comically tries to spread is that Israel, where the religious and democratic rights of all its citizens are respected, would be better off under Islamic Sharia Law, the ideal in his mind being the repressive, totalitarian Islamic Republic of Iran.

Bangash's rag - C'mon everyone! We must eliminate
the evil Zionist entity and replace it with an
Iranian satellite where we mercifully stone to death
those who defy us!

While his promotion of Iran and invective against Israel are falling flat, there is one cause that Bangash is doing a great job of promoting - that of immigration reform. Whenever I hear that guy, it's a reminder we're letting lots of the wrong people into this country, and we should be putting a stop to it immediately.

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On another amusing note from Bangash's Islamist magazine Crescent International, he gives some space to the neurotic anti-Israel propagandist Eva Bartlett.  I had the pleasure of meeting Bartlett in person  a couple of months ago and she didn't much like the resulting article I wrote.

"Batty" Eva Bartlett
delivering a lecture denouncing
the "Zionist regime"
Bangash describes the fanatical Bartlett as a "peace activist." The late British essayist Christopher Hitchens summed up people like her and her cohorts more honestly when he wrote that "in reality, they are straight out pro-war, but on the other side." In the case of Bartlett, her side are the terrorists and murderers of Hamas and Hezbollah, of whom she writes glowingly.

Batty Eva's offerings invoke one question in particular: is she an idiot or is it that she thinks those listening to her are idiots and incapable of recognizing how ridiculous she is?  (Not that either is mutually exclusive.)

In one of her typically weird, rambling, not-quite coherent tomes, the International Solidarity Movement minion preposterously claims,

"..kids in Gaza are not filled with hate or being taught propaganda. Growing up under occupation and the barrel of Zionist guns, most boys choose to buy and play with cheap plastic guns, a product not of inherent Palestinian lust for fighting but of their lives since birth being subject to Zionist shooting and bombing, and seeing loved ones kidnapped and killed by the Zionist regime."

The examples of kids in Gaza being taught hate and propaganda are so abundant and so blatant as to make Batty Eva herself less effective as a propagandist than as a comedy act.  In their schools, mosques and even on television shows aimed at preschool kids,  Hamas subjects Gaza's children to hateful propaganda extolling the virtues of suicide bombers, terrorism, and encourages youth to commit murder and sacrifice their lives for the Islamist cause.

The level of depravity that one sees in Gaza is appalling, but seeing the murderous totalitarians offering half-witted missionaries of hate in Canada invokes a strange but different reaction - the unusual combination of revulsion and amusement.


Blogwrath said...

Eva Bartlett is a real piece of work. At the opening evening of this year's Israeli Apartheid Week in Toronto she showed some propaganda videos from Gaza.

There was a group of “farmers” picking parsley nearthe border, with a Western activist wearing a bright orange vest holding a speaker and observing the area. Then came some sounds supposed to be shots. Some of the people jumped, but none of them ducked or lied down (that should've been the natural reaction if somebody shot at them). Even the person holding the camera didn’t change position. The activist shouted through the speaker: “Don’t shoot, we’re farmers!” The “shooting” continued, with all the people running in circle and screaming. Suddenly, one of them dropped to the ground, supposedly hit by a bullet. However, the cameraman didn’t run to him to show the wound, but kept following the others. A picture of a wounded "farmer" could've had much stronger propaganda effect.

It's unbelievable that the Palestinian propaganda can get away with such crude falsifications.

Richard K said...

She showed the same video at the lecture she gave at the exhibit of alleged "children's art" from Gaza I attended. (see comments section here: http://eyecrazy.blogspot.ca/2012/06/my-evening-with-bitter-fanatics.html)

It was heavy handed, duplicitous propaganda - Israelis were firing warning shots. If there were danger, normally one would run AWAY from the source of the fire - Bartlett and co kept marching TOWARDS the Israeli positions - they must have been really frightened to have done that, huh?