Sunday, June 2, 2013

Iran's PRESS TV conspiracy nut in Canada, Josh Blakeney, provides his crazy Rob Ford conspiracy theories

Capitalists groom politicians with vulnerable secrets so they can control them, the Harper government is "replete with homosexuals" (and who cares if it is anyway, other than the leaders of Iran he admires who murder Gays?)...

Just another day in the crazy, conspiracy-filled world of 9-11 conspiracy nut Joshua Blakeney:

Blakeney also, as usual, tries to disparage Canada by saying our country isn't really democratic while it "lectures other countries about democracy."

Sure, so what would happen to protesters like the ones he showed in the video if they were to protest in Tehran against Blakeney's fascist friends who rule Iran?

h/t The Hammer

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Patrick Ross said...

Not to mention that Blakeney speaks so glowingly of a handful of nutjobs who are attempting to circumvent the result of a democratic election.

I wonder how well Iran pays?