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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"Anti-Semite," "misogynist," and now "joke thief"; it's turning into a bad week for Trevor Noah

Canadian comedian Russell Peters is accusing incoming Daily Show host Trevor Noah of being a "thief," saying Noah has stolen jokes from other comedians.

Peters made the accusation during an interview with Channel NewsAsia's Lin Xueling on Conversation With.

"He's also a thief," Peters said during a short clip posted to the news organization's YouTube account.

Peters started out talking about why he didn't want the hosting gig for himself before he made the accusation.

"He's stolen material from David Kau. He's stolen material from myself," he said. Both Noah and Kau are South African comics.

He said comedians don't borrow material.

"That's like stealing somebody's underwear and putting them on," Peters said...

UPDATE: Peters now says his claim that Trevor Noah  stole his material was just "a prank."

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