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Monday, April 20, 2015

City Hall bleeds our money away

It’s always something at City Hall isn’t it?

Social housing bosses receiving “bonuses” while low-income tenants live in squalor amid a huge repair backlog rapidly closing in on $1 billion.

Or the never-ending renovation of Nathan Phillips Square — going on right outside the front doors of City Hall — 50% ($20 million) over budget and at least three years overdue.

Or the financially troubled Toronto-York Spadina subway, which suddenly can’t be completed without an injection of $150 million more, $90 million from Toronto property taxpayers, $60 million from those in York Region.

Or another fiasco at the TTC, broken by Sun City Hall Bureau Chief Don Peat last week.

That’s that the TTC is bleeding almost $100,000 per week — $1 million so far this year — paying about 85 bus drivers to sit around doing nothing every day before going home after five hours, while earning eight hours’ pay...

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