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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Real life CIA celebrates termination of employment of fictional CIA analyst Carrie Mathison

In what will likely shock on one, it turns out real-life women who work as analysts for the Central Intelligence Agency bear no resemblance to the character Carrie Mathison, portrayed by Clair Danes on the popular Showtime series Homeland.

It turns out the CIA was so annoyed at the portrayal, they have publicized their pleasure that the fictional character will no longer be depicted as a CIA employee.

WASHINGTON — THE co-creator of “Homeland” on Showtime revealed recently that when the new season starts, Claire Danes’s Carrie Mathison will no longer work at the C.I.A.
Her real-life counterparts can’t wait for her to clean out her desk.
The C.I.A. sisterhood is fed up with the flock of fictional C.I.A. women in movies and on TV who guzzle alcohol as they bed hop and drone drop, acting crazed and emotional, sleeping with terrorists and seducing assets...


The Hammer said...

That is great. Man I cannot stand that character. I love the end of the last season when she tried to blackmail Dar Adal into bending the CIA to her love life only to be shot down.

Richard K said...

Ahem, I think you're supposed to precede comments like that with "Spoiler Alert," which is not the same as "trigger warning." Although I find spoilers triggering...