Friday, April 17, 2015

As if needed - more proof that SJW's (Social Justice Wankers) are oblivious to irony

Not a day goes by where one or another group of  determinedly sanctimonious halfwits, whose entire identity is wrapped up in their so-called "Social Justice" activism, demonstrates their complete shallowness and inherently dictatorial nature.

What makes them funny on top of that is that they they have no sense of humor, so they remain thoroughly oblivious to the ironies of their preposterous pontificating.

In today's amusing example, the American Library Association is celebrating "Banned Books Week," a worthy cause bringing attention to the dangers of censorship by those who would limit information to others and try to impose only their own ideas.

You might think the value of adults being able to read those books they want and make their own choices about them would be self-evident to people living in a free society.

Not so to the Social Justice Wankers.

The poster for The ALA's Banned Books Week shows a woman holding up a book with an eye-slit in what is the international symbol for "restricted." In the opinion of some SJW's, it resembles a niqab, making the poster "Islamophobic," and therefore it should be banned, and they have created a petition to bring that about.

The American Library Association's Office of Intellectual Freedom, a concept SJW's find incomprehensible, have clarified that the poster was not intended to represent Islamic dress.

But even if it were, so what? Islam, as a culture, has the least free speech and most restrictions on individual liberty of any in the world. Anyone who believes in genuine social justice would want that fact brought to light and try to change it.  But the mere effort to ban a Banned Books Week poster is of itself something that anyone with the least sense of irony should find bizarre.

So here we have another demonstration that people who call themselves "social justice activists," are active against, rather than for justice and individual liberty.


Anonymous said...

Not surprised. I'm so disappointed in some people today. We're backtracking hard as a culture.

Ken (Kulak) said...

How long before little red books and grey smocks are mandatory?

Occam said...

I like your term "social justice wanker" - I'm stealing it ;-)

It's up there with social justice whiner and social justice washout.

Robert What? said...

Is it just me, or are people getting stupider? Wait - let me rephrase that.

I'm beginning to think that maybe there's something to that "fluoride in the water" conspiracy.

TheTooner said...

It's called "social justice" because it's anti-social and it isn't justice.

peterj said...

There was a time that sending kids to college meant they would be educated. Now it means indoctrinated. That subtle difference means that the Marxists are now in complete control and cranking out good little socialists.

Richard K said...

If you want to compound ironies, in Canada, the government is building a memorial to the victims of communism while at the same time subsidizing Marxist-dominated education programs.

Daniel_BMS said...

Agree with peterj, but disagree with Anonymous below. Society is getting so much better, those who attack anti-book banning posters are just running out of oppression to fight.

College is becoming a cult because they no longer have a lockdown on access to information. The Internet makes College obsolete.