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Monday, April 6, 2015

Twitter feed of armed man shot over threats to Newfoundland politicians suggests he hated Harper, Israel, and capitalism

"No one really knows anyone just by their tweets" was one of the last twitter messages, and probably the most ironic, sent by Don Dunphy, who was shot dead yesterday when he threatened Newfoundland Premier Paul Davis' security detail with a gun. A violent threat on twitter that Dunphy made against politicians and their families was the catalyst that led to the chain of events which ended the 59 year-old's life.

While it's true you can't completely know someone by their tweets, the consistency of tone of a person's twitter feed can certainly provide insight into the disposition and sentiments of the person who posts them.

In the case of Don Dunphy, those sentiments were clearly against Stephen Harper, Israel, and capitalism. Socialist sympathies and those for the residue of the moribund "Occupy Movement" were abundant.

Dunphy's final tweet was a retweet of something by an Ed Tanas. Last month, Tanas, unsolicited, trolled me to accuse Harper of effectively being a Nazi.  (I tweeted back to Tanas that he had no facts to back up what he wrote, so he blocked me.)

It's a strange world

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