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Friday, September 11, 2015

After the demise of the Nazis, the "progressive" left feels it needs to fill the void of antisemitism

...The concern about Jeremy Corbyn is not that he indulges in antisemitism himself. It is that he indulges the antisemitism of others unless they come wearing a uniform and speaking German. When he is faced with antisemitic anti-Zionism, he overlooks the antisemitism. For example, he defended the antisemitic Palestinian Islamist Raed Saleh, even though Saleh's vile Jew-hatred was a matter of public record (hell, a matter of court records, come to that).

Today is springtime for left-wing antisemitic anti-Zionism. We have a left-wing poet, Tom Paulin, who compares the IDF to the SS; a left-wing Church of England vicar, Stephen Sizer, who links to an article saying the Jews did 9/11, and then says, anyway, prove that they didn't; a left-wing comedian, Alexei Sayle, who jokes that Israel is the Jimmy Saville of the nations; a left-leaning peer, Jenny Tonge, who demands an enquiry into whether the rescue mission sent by Israel to Haiti had a secret agenda of harvesting organs for Jews in Israel. And so on.

The left got into this mess because it wanted to dissolve Jewish peoplehood in the solvent of progressive universalism. We thought the proletariat would make a revolution that would solve "the Jewish question" once and for all...

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