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Monday, September 14, 2015

Humourless grievance-mongers misinterpret Charlie Hebdo comics featuring drowned Kurdish child. Predictable outrage ensues.

The latest edition of Charlie Hebdo has satirised the imaged of drowned Syrian migrant child Aylan Kurdi, to mock Christian Europe and its apparent obsession with consumerism in the face of the migrant crisis. But many seem to have got the wrong end of the sardonic stick, thinking that the cartoon was a critique of the young boy and his family.

Shallow thinking has caused the politically correct media and Muslim interest groups are very offended.
The words, “So close to his goal…” are written above the first image. In the background, a McDonalds Happy Meal signboard reads: “Two children’s menus for the price of one.”
A separate cartoon from the same edition is titled: “The Proof that Europe is Christian.” It features an image of Jesus walking on the Mediterranean beside Aylan’s legs protruding from the water. Below, it says: “Christians walk on water… Muslim kids sink.”
The International Business Times accused the magazine of “mock[ing] the death of Aylan Kurdi,” as did Turkish newspaper The Daily Sabah. Morocco World News said the publication was, “hiding behind the freedom of speech.”...

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