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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Elizabeth May's campaign signs in home riding defaced with tin foil hats

Well, it really does complete the picture:

Somebody on Vancouver Island is trying to foil Green Party Leader Elizabeth May’s bid to get re-elected in the riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands.

More than a dozen election campaign signs have been defaced and destroyed, and some volunteers said they’ve even been threatened while installing them, according to Green Party volunteer coordinator Mark McInnes.

“Some of the vandalism we can expect from teenagers because it’s close to the street side and it’s easy for people to get to,” McInnes said. “Some of them though, it definitely takes a lot more effort. It’s a more concerted effort to try to tear those ones down.” 
In one of the more original efforts, a vandal stapled tin foil hats on at least five signs featuring the Green Party Leader...

h/t GenuineWitty

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Toronto Conservative said...

Defaced? No!

That is called "truth in advertising".