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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sometimes, our children are taught by imbeciles:Teachers in Kindergarten, Grades 1-2 believe teachers should "generate conversation surrounding the need for gender fluidity"

Not every teacher is as stupid or devoted to radical as those who haunt the halls at the depraved Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. But that cesspool of ideological fanaticism is churning out more and more crazies with advanced degrees who then go on to poison our schools:
...- The three Ontario educators interviewed "believe it is important that teachers not only generate conversation surrounding the need for gender fluidity and integrate these messages into their regular lessons and curriculum, but that they also create a classroom environment that is safe and supportive of gender exploration and expression." (page 3)

 "Despite their school’s efforts to promote social justice, Valerie and Candice have both noticed that their students gravitate towards gendered play in their free time. When asked about the impact of gender stereotyping on students, teachers remarked that gendered play was the most obvious one that they noticed. When given the choice, students not only decided to play with peers of the same gender but their activities were reflective of stereotypes of their gender. For example, Valerie noticed that at recess the boys would choose physical activities such as soccer but the girls would sit in a corner to talk or play cards." (page 25-26)...
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