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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Anti-Israel "Christians" and "Jews" are covert Satan-worshipers

Cognitive Dissonance is the most obvious explanation for the behavior of people who refer to themselves as Christians or Jews and yet have made the destruction of Israel their primary mission in life.

"Overcoming Christian Zionism" in the
service of the Devil
There are a vast number of reasons in a wide variety of categories for supporting Israel other than theological validation based on Scripture. The foremost of them being that, despite claims by its enemies, Israel is a liberal, pluralistic, genuine democracy, and the only such one, in a region where totalitarianism, oppression, and brutality are the norm.

However, for those Christians and Jews who have made their religion a core part of their identity, and presumably, that would particularly apply to the clergy, there is a very basic and irrefutable reason for supporting Israel. Because all throughout the Bible, God says you should.

In fact, it's put substantially much more strongly than that. You don't have to be an expert theologian to get the straightforward reading of the Bible that, at its foundation, is the message from God to " support Israel... or else."

Yet there are people calling themselves priests, rabbis, and ministers who are wrapped up in their hate of Israel, and try to undermine the validity of the religions they profess to practice. Some of these strange characters, a combination of the vicious and misguided, are meeting in Vancouver next month.

It's hard to read a few consecutive chapters of The Good Book without hearing about God raining down curses, misfortunes, and destruction upon one or another of the enemies of Israel.

Israel's enemies are depicted as the embodiment of evil and indeed, if you take the Bible at its word, Satan is numbered foremost among them.

If the Prince of Darkness were to have an online chat profile, his might read exactly like that of former Ontario Deputy Minister of Education, Ben Levin, the admitted child pornographer and pedophile: "there are no taboos."

One of the taboos from which Satan is obviously exempt is lying. In order to do his job properly, the Devil has no obligation to tell the truth. Nor is he obliged to not take advantage of people's stupidity.
Anti-Israel "churches" support those who
intentionally slaughter children 

I am not inclined to ascribe human behavior to supernatural influence. But it's hard not to acknowledge there is a real thing such as evil when you see innocent people lined up on a beach, made to kneel, and then have their heads slowly sliced off by hooded maniacs claiming to act in the name of God.

Similarly, claiming to act in a "quest for justice," is the Vancouver conference of dimwitted clergy who are members of radical denominations aligned with supporters of people who intentionally slit the throats of innocent infants and with overt anti-Semites. Some Presbyterians, Anglicans, and United Church of Canada members have partnered with the "Palestinian Sabeel Center for Liberation Theology" which is closely linked with the terrorists of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. In order to try to justify their antisemitism, they wave around a so-called Kairos Palestine document, a pseudo-theological declaration that was concocted by terror-supporters and is riddled with Jew-hate.

I have no religious dog in this fight. My support for Israel is based on secular morality, and not on the texts of any religion.  If these people want to have a hate-fest against Jews and the concept of Jewish self-determination, that's their own business. But at the least they should recognize that the god they worship isn't the one in the Bible.  If you believe that sort of thing, there's no way to avoid recognizing that they are worshipers of the god that the God of the Bible has cursed to Hell.


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct. In fact, the times when God allowed Israel to be taken into captivity, were usually when they forsook Him and worshiped idols, like Baal and sacrificed their children to him.

The spiritual blindness of clergy, who fail to support Israel, in favour of those who sacrifice children or even adults, in the name of false god,shows their darkness,which continues to grow darker every day

truepeers said...

The Palestinian cause is obviously a cult of human sacrifice. There is a great desire to create blood libels against the Jews and so all kinds of victims, Jewish and Palestinian are created accordingly to meet the global demand for self righteous hate. By no normative definition are Christianity or Judaism cults of human sacrifice, in fact they are at root a turning away from what was once the common religious fact of human sacrifice. The question is, why can't these "clergy" understand basic religious facts? Why do they get lost in victimary thinking?

As for Satanism, it is the desire to make of one's own evil actions a source of transcendence to be celebrated as if it weredivine will. So, when people kill in the name of God, they are being Satanic. The Judeo-Christian God obvioulsy, to some of us, does not want human sacrifices. But it surely remains a key question whether the Jihadis who kill in the name of God are anything but Satanists. i think so and agree those who support the Jihad against Israel are being Satanic.

Anonymous said...

Good article. At 50 years old, and rather secular, I've never protested anything in my life (in person)... however, I will protest this sabeel manifestation. I am shocked that this could be taking place in Vancouver. The more I research the 'speakers', the more horrified I become.