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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Chomsky: "Obama is a man of the center-right"

Ezra Levant and Noam Chomsky discuss America and Foreign Affairs. Chomsky is a study in well-spoken cognitive dissonance:

See Part 1 of Ezra and Noam Chomsky's talk, regarding Free Speech, HERE


Patrick Ross said...

From a foreign policy perspective -- and strictly from a foreign policy perspective -- Chomsky is quite right.

But from a domestic perspective, Obama is the farthest-left President imaginable, and the disaster he's created is his legacy.

Richard K said...

Even on foreign policy, when you look at his handling of Iran, his reduction of US military capacity, his "Apology Tour" at the beginning of his presidency, his American unexceptionalism comments, I'd say he falls center-left on the overall scale.

Skippy Stalin said...

Chomsky, who is usually a lunatic, is right with the centre-right comment, which he immediately qualified by saying that he is by international standards.

And he is. As a matter of fact, Obama is to the right of Stephen Harper on almost everything. Harper, for example, has been silent on bombing Iran, which is about the only thing he's silent about.

I'd disagree with Patrick about his domestic policies, as well. Obamacare, for example, was essentially written by the Heritage Foundation, 33 Republican senators voted for it in 1994, and Mitt Romney implemented it as governor.