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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kathleen Wynne's hand-picked former Deputy Education Minister to be sentenced for Child Sex Crimes next month

Former Ontario Deputy Minister of Education Ben Levin will be in court this afternoon at 2 pm to plead guilty in a plea bargain deal for crimes related to the sexual exploitation of children.

Levin was the hand-picked Deputy of current Premier Kathleen Wynne while she was Education Minister in the McGuinty government. Wynne has been consistently denying that Levin had a strong influence over the controversial curriculum she is introducing into Ontario's school system. Critic are outraged that the curriculum is hyper-sexualized and introduced sexual content to children at inappropriately young ages, including discussions of sexual relationships in grade 3 and detailed descriptions of anal sex for 11 year-olds.

Called by many a "child-grooming for sex" and "kiddie porn" curriculum, its architect being a person with sexual interest in children was particularly disturbing for critics.

Joe Warmington's article in yesterday's Toronto Sun provides more detail about Premier Wynne's dissembling about Levin's involvement in shaping the curriculum, including  memos from him in which he explicitly informed his staff of his participation in the process.

Levin will be sentenced next month.

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