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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Terry Glavin: An Iran deal won't be Obama's legacy, it will be the cap of his many foreign policy failures

...House Democratic Party leader Nancy Pelosi, after a grand performance of umbrage-taking to Netanyahu’s remarks on Tuesday (“an insult to the intelligence of the United States”), insisted that a nuclear-armed Iran would always be “unacceptable” and that “all options” remained open to the Obama administration.

But what is now known about Secretary of State John Kerry’s negotiations is that one of those options is to roll back the sanctions the Obama administration only reluctantly imposed on Tehran in the first place in exchange for a 10-year deal the Democratic Party’s vast spin-management resources should be expected to sell as a brilliant foreign-policy victory, no matter what sort of a shambles or a sell-out it might be.

Whatever one thinks about Netanyahu’s manners, one thing he has not been so intemperate as to mention out loud is the staggering debt Obama has already racked up by making a radical rapprochement with Iran such an overriding personal priority that it has emptied the entire account of his foreign-policy capital...

Plus - Even Arab newspapers are agreeing with Netanyahu about Iran 

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