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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mississauga mayor Bonnie Crombie denies she will attend event sponsored by terror-supporting extremists

Pro-terrorist/anti-Semitic cartoon posted by a
Palestine House Board Member
On an otherwise dull suburban thoroughfare, in the bedroom community of Mississauga, a tiny, bunker-like strip mall consisting of two storefronts is the home of a group called Palestine House. Its placid exterior hides a collection of miscreants who have expressed overt support for terrorism against Israeli civilians, posted anti-Semitic material in their publications, and boil over with a seething hatred of Canada's government because of its commitment to the Jewish state.

Canadian taxpayers once funded Palestine House's "immigrant settlement" program, but as the group's support for terrorism and extremism became known, Immigration and Citizenship Minister Jason Kenney ended government funding and cut all ties with the fanatical Mississauga Palestinians.

No credible political leader now would go near Palestine House with a figurative 20 foot pole.

Palestinian Land Day is an annual protest day by Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, usually marked by attacks on Israelis and extreme violence, So it was surprising to see ads for a "Palestinian Land Day" commemoration co-organized by Palestine House in which they claimed that "honoring" them would be "our one and only Mayor of Mississauga, Bonnie Crombie."

One of the ads announcing Bonnie Crombie "honoring" the
Palestine House event
As it turns out, Bonnie Crombie's scheduled honoring of Palestine House also came as a surprise to Bonnie Crombie.

When contacted about her scheduled appearance at Palestine House's Land Day hatefest and how it reflects her position, Mayor Crombie's spokesman responded that she never confirmed to attend the event and will not attend it.

Shocking as it may be that supporters of terrorism might be telling lies to raise funds, perhaps their claim that a "number of members of the Parliament of Canada" will also be there to celebrate attacks on Israel will prove to be more accurate. However the names of those members of Parliament supposedly attending the Palestine House event are yet to be revealed.

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