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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Oklahoma Bill Would Legalize Gay Marriage. This Apparently Bothers Oklahoma Democrats and Gays

...this isn't some phony "separate but equal" plan to protect marriage from "the gays." Any Oklahoma statute that operates off of marital status or provides benefits or privileges based on marital status will accept either of these non-license certificates. The common law marriage option is for those who don't want to go the "formal ceremony" route. Note that they will get all the same rights and privileges under Oklahoma law.

But sorry, polygamists. The new form for marriage certificates in the bill still only has room for two people. Incestuous marriages would also remain verboten. The new form, though, does not indicate genders or use terms like "bride," "groom," "wife," or "husband." This means that, yes, this apparently conservative, religiously motivated legislation would legalize same-sex marriage recognition.

Which makes the opposition to the legislation from Democrats and gay activists a little strange, and their arguments a bit bonkers...

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