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Friday, September 12, 2014

PM not an ‘entry-level job': NDP joins Conservatives in attacking Justin Trudeau’s credentials

EDMONTON — NDP Leader Tom Mulcair launched a spirited offensive Thursday against Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, echoing the governing Conservatives’ mockery of the inexperience of the man who leads opinion polls a year away from a federal election.
Mr. Mulcair, who has started framing the next election as a choice based on experience, riffed off of the “getting ready to lead” slogan used in the most recent Liberal ad.
“With just a year to go to the election, Canadians are being asked to sign another blank cheque to the Liberals. They won’t tell us what they’ll do, but they think it’s reassuring to tell us that their guy is getting ready,” Mr. Mulcair said...

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