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Saturday, September 6, 2014

The media rats are abandoning Olivia Chow's sinking ship

You know Olivia Chow has serious problems when even The Toronto Star, which practically dragooned her into entering Toronto's mayoral race in the first place, has now all but abandoned her campaign.

From The Star's Royson James today:
Olivia Chow is in trouble. The candidate for mayor is not connecting with voters. Her campaign appears disjointed and out of ideas that inspire. The entire enterprise is out of steam, crumbling just when it must soar...
...A reasonable calculation concludes it will take a miracle to salvage an unimaginative, lacklustre seven-month campaign seven weeks from voting day.
As Toronto turns its attention to the contest for mayor, post-Labour Day as anticipated, desperation has replaced smug confidence among the supporters of the candidate who led the polls for some six months.
More than one poll now positions Chow in third place among decided voters...
And this from The Globe and Mail's Marcus Gee:
...the problem with Ms. Chow’s campaign goes beyond policy and even politics. Her personal performance on the public stage has been lacklustre.

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