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Sunday, September 7, 2014

We Canadians may be all cute and furry, but don't mess with our territorial waters...

...The beaver approached Skerry, who said it seemed intent on attacking him.

“He was swimming much too close to me, and seemed to be zeroing in for a bite,” he said. “So I pushed him away with my flippers.”

The beaver obliged, and took up Mr. McNaughton as his victim. It pushed past Skerry, launched itself at McNaughton and sunk its teeth into him, ultimately gouging a 2-inch cavity into McNaughton’s thigh.

Initially unaware of the attack, and believing the beaver had only charged him, McNaughton realized the extent of the damage when blood began to surface.

“I looked into the water and saw all the blood,” Skerry said...

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johnny g said...

Why link to NatPo articles? they block you and make you pay them to read their crappy articles. No more links to NatPo would be a fair and decent policy.