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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

TDSB trustees working toward ending partnership with Confucius Institute

As many of my readers know, I'm running to be Public School Trustee in Toronto's Trinity-Spadina ward.

The NDP, including Toronto Ward Councilor Mike Layton, endorsed and pushed former TDSB Trustee Chris Bolton on Trinity-Spadina. Bolton resigned three months ago following revelations that a charity run out of Bolton's home was getting funds from the School Board.

Now the NDP is running a candidate endorsed by Mike Layton, NDP Council Candidate Joe Cressy, and Olivia Chow opposing me in the race who suggests she will be different than Bolton. As far as I can see, the major differences are that she was a speaker at a rally supporting an Islamist terror group and that she has a history which, according to the University of Toronto's newspaper The Varsity, includes rigging a crooked election.

Trustees at Canada’s largest school board are taking their first formal steps to dissolve a controversial partnership with the Chinese government.
A Toronto District School Board committee will table a motion on Wednesday to terminate the agreement with the Confucius Institute. The motion is expected to pass, with six of nine trustees on the planning and priorities committee opposed to teaching elementary students Mandarin and other cultural programs offered by the institute, sources say. The motion must then be approved by the full board of trustees...
...Former TDSB chair Chris Bolton was the driving force behind the Confucius Institute. Mr. Bolton abruptly resigned in June, five months before his term as a trustee was to expire, leaving his colleagues on the board to deal with the fallout from the agreement with the Confucius Institute.

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