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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Bloomberg View: Kasich Is Still Trump's Best Weapon

It is simply astonishing how destructive John Kasich’s campaign has been to the Republican Party.

Right now, the evidence is on full view in Indiana. As part of a deal with the Ted Cruz campaign, Kasich isn't campaigning in the Hoosier State, which votes on Tuesday. But he and his supporters are still telling people to vote for him -- even though a vote for the Ohio governor is basically a vote for Donald Trump. If Kasich's supporters in Indiana want him to have any chance at the nomination, they will vote for Cruz.

Here's why.

Trump has a slim lead in current polling averages in Indiana. He’s at 37 percent, with Cruz close behind at 35 percent. Kasich is far behind with 16 percent. If Kasich’s voters switch to Cruz (and all else remains equal), then Cruz will win big. If they stay put, Trump might narrowly prevail. Indiana has 57 delegates: 30 will go to the statewide winner; of the remaining 27, 3 each will go to whomever wins in the state's nine congressional districts...

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