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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Corbyn is savaged in face-to-face clash with Labour MPs over poll failure

Jeremy Corbyn was last night savaged by his own MPs, furious at Labour’s failure to make progress in last week’s local elections.

There were angry recriminations at a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party, despite Labour sources promising earlier that he would reprimand rebels.

He was due to criticise them for ‘parading on the media to give a running commentary on our party’, but appeared to lose his nerve.

But last night, Jess Phillips, MP for Birmingham Yardley, said: ‘I thought socialism was about “we”, but it’s all been about you – and that’s not a good thing.’

Sadiq Khan, who was elected Mayor of London in one of the few Labour successes of the elections, told Mr Corbyn he must stop missing ‘open goals’.

The meeting was described by one anonymous shadow cabinet member as ‘the worst one yet’.

Mr Corbyn was expected to warn MPs to stop attacking him in public. Labour sources claimed he would say: ‘We need, if not across-the-board unity, then at least respect for each other.’

But he appeared to lose his nerve. MPs at the meeting said he toned down the warning dramatically when faced by his critics. ‘He didn’t say any of it,’ one said. ‘It was just the usual waffle.’...

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