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Monday, May 2, 2016

Trigglypuff's snowflake friend has epic meltdown after being mocked for disrupting "The Triggering" at U Mass

A friend of Trigglypuff's is furious because she was made fun of after she was one of a group heckling and creating disturbances at Milo Yiannopoulos, Christina Hoff Summers and Steven Crowder's appropriately-named, "The Triggering" at U Mass.
This particular idiot came to disrupt an event, and is now is having an epic meltdown for being publicly mocked for her public behavior.  The real world will come as a terrible shock to "Social Justice" wankers who demand that you must admire them when they act like spoiled, mentally-unbalanced infants:
My name is Jennie Chenkin. I am a Hampshire College junior on a pre-law track with a concentration in political theory, carceral studies, and conflict resolution. I am writing this email because I have been harassed mercilessly online following “The Triggering” event and I have reason to believe that UMass Republicans have endorsed this harassment and libel against me.

On Monday night, I attended the event “The Triggering” hosted by UMass Republicans in protest of the panelists they had chosen to bring in to speak on “social justice, feminism, trigger warnings, microaggressions, and more.” My friends and I held up a banner outside the venue that said “content warning: bigotry inside” and we passed out fliers which explained what we believe political correctness stands for. When the panelists came on stage, we booed and heckled and disrupted, because that was what we were there to do...

...On Monday night, UMass Republicans asked their audience to be open to different opinions in the name of free speech. They then allowed their panelists to call Muslims rapists and dissenters in the audience, such as myself, pussies. They allowed their panelists to harass students on stage. The panelists got applauded and paid to do so. This makes me seriously wonder what kind of ship UMass Republicans run and why UMass has allowed them to get away with this atrocious behavior. I wonder why UMass Republicans care so much about protecting free speech, but only when it aligns with their views — and when it doesn’t, I wonder why they think it’s okay to publicly harass and bully and humiliate dissenters such as myself...


Aquarius Moon said...

This is so dumb. She misbehaved badly and expect people not to criticise her? Crazy!

Geoff said...

This makes me both chuckle and shudder.
This creature,and millions of others like her, decry bigotry, claim to be for women' rights, minority rights, yadda, yadda, yet they defend followers of an ideology that is diametrically opposed to each and every one of those things.
The only thing Islam has in common with these idiots is that is intolerant and opposed to individualism.
These SJWs will learn that getting in bed with the Devil will not keep the Devil from devouring you.