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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ontario’s big, green assisted economic suicide plan

Ontario's government has plans to quadruple energy costs by forcing people to shift to electric heating, even though many Ontario cities suffer brownouts because the current infrastructure can't support current electrical needs.

This and other plans show Ontario's government doesn't care about the province's citizens:
...Perhaps the Wynne government thinks it can pile on rigid bans and crushing carbon taxes on households and businesses both, and still somehow permanently keep people and investment in the province. Or maybe, the government has accepted that Ontario’s fate means sacrificing the latter. Statistics Canada’s Capital and Repair Expenditures Survey last week showed investment in manufacturing and finance in the province at half its pre-2008 recession levels. With Ontario’s economic demise now “reasonably foreseeable,” the Wynne government may have come to terms with the inevitable, and is ready to embrace an extreme green plan to hasten its own economic suicide...

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