Friday, May 13, 2016

Sign Jason Kenney's petition demanding a referendum on electoral reform in Canada to challenge undemocratic changes

Proportionate Representation isn't nearly as democratic as its advocates would have you believe.

It's the electoral system for sore losers who can't manage to field a candidates who can win even a plurality in a riding election.

With our current system, the representative in Parliament was chosen by a plurality of a riding's voters.

With Proportionate Representation, political parties chose who gets to be in Parliament, not the voters. Even with so called Mixed Member Proportional Representation, we'll get political hacks unable to win a local plurality in stuffed into Parliament by their party organizations.

With the lower barrier for entry, Canada will see what Europe is getting with its Proportional Representation - legislatures with fascist and communist parties devoted to crippling individual rights rather than expanding them.

When Canadians have been offered the choice of Proportional Representation in British Columbia, PEI, and Ontario in referendums there, the voters resoundingly rejected it.

If the Liberals are planning to ram major electoral changes through without giving Canadians a choice, it shows that improving democracy is not really part of their agenda.

Calgary Midnapore MP Jason Kenney has created a petition demanding that the government give Canadians an opportunity to vote on changes to the way our democracy has functioned since Confederation.

You can sign HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Proportional representation is a crime against dmocracy